Solutions to increase your profits: Google's Targeted Advertising

Google AdWords Marketing Services

Smart business owners know that Google AdWords is a powerful internet marketing tool. With a potential audience in the hundreds of millions, the return on investment of an AdWords campaign could be huge. We have a history of delivering explosive ROI for our AdWords management clients.

More website traffic, optimize landing pages, higher conversion rates, more sales

Strong returns

Google Ad offers you new customers, more sales and your brand stronger. Google Ad returns in the short term and the long-term view is very impressive.

Dedicated Account Manager

We have a dedicated Google Ad Manager account on any account, is determined to make the best solution and the best ideas for your advertising campaign intended to be most effective.

Regular reporting

During regular intervals, we make sure you are given report to improve the process. Reports also view your account will be informed of the tiniest details.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service or performance. We received fees for account management to restore

Website Optimization

If your site does not meet the needs of customers the cost for advertising is futile. We will help to optimize your site, or re-create it from scratch. You are more profit, more profit for us.

Price to pay for expertise

Unlike other companies in the field of advertising on Google, sometimes up to 10% more expensive dollar selling, we do not sell price higher your advertising dollars. We account for specialty and when you're charged for it.

The benefits of advertising on Google

Strong Branding

Your brand is growing stronger. The competition is stronger than you and more customers. Branding with Google wants its expertise in the field of our specialty.

You pay for what is real

You may have a banner on a website for every month spent several million dollars but nobody clicks on your ad. But Google ads you'll pay for each entry site, no more.

Target hit

By advertising on Google, your shot is not wrong. You're right in the middle of the goal. Is looking for customer service in your area? You're in front of the customer.

Advertising on Google with us

1. Consultation

Counselling you, your Google Ads is for what purpose? Maximum sale? Or Branding?

2. Estimated

Set and estimate your ad, making good landing pages, find keywords

3. Performance

Setting up your own account, and start running your ads based on phases 1 and 2

4. Observing the minute

Your ads appear, add or keywords, add or subtract the cost of your clicks

5. Constant contact

For a good advertisement is required to have an on-going relationship with RST.International, a good advertising, an advertiser is alive!


  • Regular reporting

  • Ability to set advertising time

  • Ability to determine the geographic location display ad

  • Ability to set custom budgets

  • Rapid activation account

  • Click the least expensive techniques

  • Techniques highest efficiency approach

  • The use of tracking codes to track your customers

  • View on Google partner sites

  • Direct access to Google account